[Updated] Star’s Linux Tutorials – Guild Wars 2 – Windows to Linux by TheStarBlessed

With news being released for Mac users to be able to play Guild wars 2 I was very curious if anybody had done so for the Linux OS users and luckily I found a video on youtube that just has been updated.  on youtube has a nice tutorial for the Linux users and done very well.



Thank you   for having this video up on youtube and hope this makes many happy Linux fans for GW2 very happy. Please read the commentary under the video for complete instructions.Bannersofwar1920x1080 300x168 [Updated] Stars Linux Tutorials   Guild Wars 2   Windows to Linux by TheStarBlessed


[Updated] Star’s Linux Tutorials – Guild Wars 2 – Windows to Linux 

Published on Sep 20, 2012 by    

To better comply with the Creative Commons License required by Youtube, I have resampled this entire video and mixed only CC music.  The License information can be found at the end of this video.

My apologies to everyone who find’s their links and embeds are now broken.

If you want to install using Linux only, you can find that tutorial here : http://youtu.be/MFmojaEHx08

I would suggest watching this video first, as it will give you more information on basic config, than the new version.

A couple of things I forget to mention in the video :

- You need a full copy already downloaded using MS Windows, Or installed from the Disk.

- Remember to install the binary drivers for your graphics card

- Watch out for stutter in game

- Report your error logs back to the wine dev team

Join us!  PsYcH0TiK on Henge of Denravi – http://gw2.trevena.info

Thanks to : TallJake – http://goo.gl/M7fi0

OpenShot – http://www.openshotvideo.com

Blender – http://www.blender.org

Wine – http://www.winehq.org

Play on Linux – http://www.playonlinux.com


One Response to [Updated] Star’s Linux Tutorials – Guild Wars 2 – Windows to Linux by TheStarBlessed

  1. TheStarBlessed says:

    You’re most welcome :)

    I hope it helps! Don’t forget, that if you don’t already have a Windows installation, the other tutorial I recorded should help as well :


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