Sea of Sorrows Dance Mob!

A987 300x175 Sea of Sorrows Dance Mob!  has a nice dance video from the Sea of Sorrows server. Very nicely done and congrats to all who participated in the video. Guild Wars 2 dances still amaze me and what players will do. I can’t wait to see more.




Sea of Sorrows Dance Mob!

A bunch of us got a bit bored and a synchronized dance mob was formed on the lion statue in Lion’s Arch.

Server: Sea of Sorrows Organizer: Thessalica [FALL]

Participants: Nyelve [VJIS]

Fureimuheizu [BROS]

Charr Ri Zard [FUN]

Gesetzen [BROS]

Sylvaria Ignis [FALL]

Endac [OP]

Wighy [PILL]

Chrischunn [Real]

Shawaazu [SEB]

Miniskip [Star]

Skyreaver [Real]

Bellatrixelle [FALL]

Nymeria Morrigan [OCX]

Cyriin Razorclaw [OINK]

Haruna Fior [OCX]

Zaharren [KMD]

Lilith Shadowblast [NuT]

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