Guildcast Armor of Sexy is up!

Guild Wars 2 Stratics favorite Guildcast is at it again  Guildcast: Armor of Sexy — the Guild Wars 2 Show

Thank you for putting this up. This is also a sad moment for some of us that this is Rubi’s last guildcast with but she is moving to Arenanet which makes us smile more.

Our staff really enjoys the guildcasts episodes and we hope you all do that come along and see them. really makes these very informative and hit good topics. So please sit back, drink, eat your snacks and enjoy.

Please check out the Guildcast episode 8

Guild Wars 2 Stratics would like to thank for having these guildcasts up for all the GW2 players to see. They are really doing a great service for all the fans and players.

On another note concerning Rubi Bayer and we touched this topic on another post. All our staff here at GW2 Stratics and the rest of our Stratics community wish you the best on your new adventures at ArenaNet.

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