Dulfy.net: GW2 Captain’s Council Commendations guide

Arah6 300x176 Dulfy.net: GW2 Captain’s Council Commendations guide  If you have been stumped or need a little guide to help you with the Captains Council Commendations then Dulfy.net has one just for you.  They put together a very well informative guide and posters have been adding more information and tips if needed. Great guide and all the credit goes to Dulfy.net and their wonderful gaming community. Communities like this is what makes the Guild Wars 2 community really shine in an online world of MMO’s.




Thank you Dulfy.net for having this guide up for all the GW2 players around the world to view and see.


GW2 Captain’s Council Commendations guide        

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by dulfy

GW2 Captain’s Council Commendations guide on their acquisition and usage. Captain’s Council Commendations are a new currency introduced with the Lost Shores update that can be used to purchase Lionguard weapons, salvage kits and gathering tools.

Getting Captain’s Council Commendations

You need to make donations to receive Captain’s Council Commendations. Go to Miyani right by the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch and purchase a donation packaging for 1 silver and 4 copper

donation packaging thumb Dulfy.net: GW2 Captain’s Council Commendations guide

Now, you can throw 3 items + donation packaging into the mystic forge to get Captain’s Council Commendations.

Here is a list of the known recipes

Stuff going in Commendations
10x Food/tuning crystal + 10x Food/tuning crystal   + 10x Food/tuning crystal  (if food <L60) 1
10x Food/tuning crystal  + 10x Food/tuning crystal  + 10x Food/tuning crystal  (if food = L60ish) 2
10x Food/tuning crystal + 10x Food/tuning crystal  + 10x Food/tuning crystal  (if food L70+) 3
5 bronze ingots + 5 iron ingots + 5 steel ingots 2
5 copper ingots + 5 silver ingots + 5 gold ingots = 2 CCCs 2
5 green wood planks + 5 soft wood planks + 5 seasoned wood planks 2
5 hard wood planks + 5 elder wood planks + 5 ancient wood planks 5
5 platinum ingots + 5 mithril ingots + 5 orichalcum ingots 13
3 L70-80 basic weapons/armor 3
3 L60-70 fine weapons/armor 7
3 L70-80 fine weapons/armor 8
3 L40 masterwork weapon/armor 8
3 L70-80 masterwork weapons/armor 12
3 L35-39 rare weapons/armor 15-17
3 L40-49 rare weapons/armor 17-30
3 L50-54 rare weapons/armor 30
3 L55-59 rare weapons/armor 40
3 L60-64 rare weapons/armor 50
3 L65-69 rare weapons/armor 70
3 L75-80 rare weapons/armor/armor 140
3 L70-74 exotic weapons/armor 550
3 L75-80 exotic weapons /armor 600
3 L75-80 rare trinkets 300
3 L80 exotic trinket (i.e. Candy Corn Orichalcum Amulets) 2000

Stuff to purchase with Captain’s Council Commendations

Talk to Lionguard Lyns at the Grand Piazza where the Lion statue used to be. You will need to have some commendations first to unlock the vendor.

lionguard lyns thumb Dulfy.net: GW2 Captain’s Council Commendations guide

Black Lion Key – 285 Commendations

Harvesting Tools

Items Commendation Cost
Sturdy Cooper Tools (250 uses) 4 for sickle, 2 for axe and pick
Sturdy Iron Tools (250 uses) 9 for sickle, 5 for axe and pick
Study Steel Tools (250 uses) 15 for sickle, 7 for axe and pick
Sturdy Darksteel Tools (250 uses) 20 for sickle, 10 for axe and pick
Sturdy Mithril Tools (250 uses) 27 for sickle, 13 for axe and pick
Sturdy Orichalcum Tools (250 uses) 67 for sickle, 33 for axe and pick

Salvage kits

Items Commendation Cost
Crude Salvage Kit (15 uses) 1
Disembler 3BEK Kit (250 uses, 10% for rare, 20% to recover upgrades) 25

Lionguard weapons

(L40 ones have Power and Condition damage while the higher level ones have Power, Precision and Condition damage). All of them have sigils of Karka Slaying (10% damage vs Karka for the superior sigil)

Note that these weapons are not unique! Their models can be purchased for 9.8k karma each from the Lionguard cultural vendor just north of the WvW portals in Lion’s Arch

Items Commendation Cost
L40 rares 25
L60 rares 40
L80 rares 80
L80 exotics 1300

Tips and tricks from readers

Here are some tips and tricks shared by readers on dulfy.net that you may find interesting. Feel free to add : )!

  • Rare/exotic armor is generally less expensive on the TP than weaps, so it might be a good way to pick up some extra commendations. Level 70-75 exotics are generally less expensive than 80′s, and give almost as much back in commendations.. Nutshell is that, if you’re going to spend the coin to get commendations through donating, consider buying cheap lvl 70 exotics to donate in order to get a greater return. (grape_crush)
  • You can also buy armor/weapons (but let’s use armor, it’s cheaper) from dungeon token vendors and use them to make commendations.Tip: If vendor offers rare level 80 armor, then you get 1.1 commendation for each token spent if it’s exotic armor, and 1.5 per token spent if it’s rare armor (Jaggens)
  • If you are a Level 400 Jeweler or know someone who is you can create Candy Corn Orichalcum Amulets which only require 3 Exquisite Opal Jewels instead of 5 (instead it uses +150 Candy Corn). It’s the cheapest Level 80 exotic trinket.(Gahro on reddit)

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