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grawl Character Name Generator In GW2 we will be able to have up to 19 letters and spaces to use when naming our characters. From what I’ve read, we will even be able to give our characters two and three word names. However, spaces do count towards the letter limit so we need to be clever when creating a moniker.
For those that currently play GW1, as you are aware, you will be able to keep your GW1 character names via The Hall of Monuments and use them in GW2.
If you do not currently play GW1, like me, then you will be among many who will need to think of name ideas or use a name generator. Personally I like to sort of do both: I think of a word that I feel will match up with the race or personality of the character I am creating and then, using the internet, I look that word up in different languages. For instance, I want to make a silvari as my first character. When I think of the silvari I think of the obvious: plants, innocence, young, trees ect. I then take those words and search the net to see what they look like in French, Spanish, Latin etc.
If you are not the creative type, you can always give a name generator a try. Not being that creative, I decided to do a web search for GW2 name generators and came up with the following. Hopefully they will be of some help to you as well.
I found this one interesting. You can look up male or female names in multiple languages, create random names and even look at anagram names.
This one is specifically for GW2 and includes all five races with options to create just a first name, last name or both.
Here is one that is pretty simple, you just click the button and it comes up with names.
If none of the above appeal to you, simply do a name generator web search and you will come up with page after page of helpful sites!

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