Arah Farming Guide by DeadlyStormZ

A941 300x177 Arah Farming Guide by DeadlyStormZDeadlyStormZ on has posted a very nice Arah farming guide. Lots of work and detail has been put into it and many GW2 players will enjoy this information. Great work and we all thank you for your contribution to the GW2 community DeadlyStormZ



Arah Farming Guide by DeadlyStormZ

Hi everyone. I just completed 23 runs of Arah days ago. I have done it with static groups, random people, good folks and bad folks so I want to write a guide which helps people to do Arah.  I hope you guys can find it useful.

General guide Patience. Communication. Skipping the right mobs.

Which path should I take?

Path 3 > Path 2 > Path 1 > Path 4

For average players, Path 3 takes ~1.5 hours Path 2 takes ~2 hours Path 1 takes ~2.5 hours Path 4 takes ~3+ hours

Please make sure you have more than enough time when you are new/grouping with random people.

Path 3

General mobs encounter

Illusionist It should be the first piority target to nuke down. It is melee friendly.

Mage It should be the second piority target to nuke down.

Elementalist It is not melee friendly unless you stay in its back. Reflection works extremely well here.

Hunter It summons eagles. Its axe can bounce targets. Reflection is also working good here.

Gorilla It has a melee skill to knock you down for 8 seconds.

Boss 1

Kill crasher first. You just need to dodge the crasher’s melee skill so you won’t get one-shot. You may get killed if you fail to remove the Immobilized condition.

Path to boss 2

I want to include this bacause I find some people wanted to skip all these mobs along the path. I can do this too but it is not recommended since people used to spend more time due to fail skipping attempts.

You should kill 9 more silver mobs then you can slip through freely without aggroing any mobs along the way until you meet spiders.

The spiders can also be skipped by running through them. You just need to run to the far end until they lose their aggro. It can also be done without aggro by stealthing.

Boss 2

Some of you may already know there is a safe spot in this encounter. Otherwise, just dodge red circles.

Path to boss 3

Get some swim and kill some gorillas. Then you have to pass the ball to open the gates. Note that you catch the ball when it collides. So don’t throw it to the ground.

A new waypoint is activated after 2 gates are opened. You should teleport to the waypoint and continue.

Giganticus Lupicus

It has 3 phases. P1: 100%-75% P2: 75%-50% P3: 50%-0%

Whenever it changes phase, it has a pale blue rez icon on him which grants him invulnerable.

General tactic for phase 1

Everyone should use a range weapon, stay at range and stack up. Target priority should be Grub > Swarm > Boss. It is very immportant to nuke down the grubs to prevent the boss to get damage stacks.

General tactic for phase 2

This phase is the hardest phase. It has 3 abilities which require you to avoid. You should stay at range and keep moving in this phase.

First ability is shadowstep with ~1 second animation. It is easy to dodge/run out of it if you have swiftness/skill. It always uses it on a particular member until he/she dies. It is important to know because you can manage rescuing other downed members.

Second ability is AoE with red circles on the ground. You should dodge/run out of it. Please keep in mind they are projectiles and they do damage before they hit the ground sometimes.

Third ability is single-targeted shadow bolts. It seems not to be avoidable and predictable. From my experience, sometimes I ran around and it did not hit me while sometimes did. Therefore, you should keep your HP more than 10k so that you wont be killed by one single hit. Besides, you are most likely to be going to die with hit by this ability twice in a row if you have lost more than 2 members.

Endurance gain skills, teleport skills, damage evade skills, vigor boon, aegis boon, health regen food, endurance gain food and potions are highly recommended in this fight.

Pug tactic for phase 2

Everything is the same except you need to lure him back to the waypoint. I do not recommend this in general unless you are in a pug group. You should have at least one person in its aggro range and sight so that it won’t get reset. Thanks to the latest patch, it won’t go back to the arena when it reset.

General tactic for phase 3

It always chases a particular member (appears to be the most tough one). Apply cripple, chill or immobilized when it is moving can help the one who is being chased(cursed). Most of his abilities have a red circle on the ground and can easily be dodged. Rescuring downed members is also easy in this phase.



Path to final boss

All you need is one member to run through 3 groups of mobs and reach the chicken. After you reach the chicken, you should keep running, jump down a cliff, avold the champoin giants and keep running to the boss. A new waypoint will soon be activated so the rest of your party can teleport to the waypoint and proceed.

Final boss

At first, you have to capture the pillars (just like sPvP) and kite everything. If you get many mobs aggro on you, you should kite them in the center. You should not go to the boss’s pillar as well. All you need is patience when someone don’t really know what to do or not doing very well.

Path 2

General mobs encounter

Deadeye It can one-shot you when you are at range. You should get close and it should be the first piority target to nuke down.

Inquest It can perma stun a single target. Any interrupting skill or stability boon can help.

Other mobs Sentinel, berserkers, etc. should be the least piority to be killed.

Boss 1

You may want to range this boss and dodge the red circles on the ground. Melee may get killed instantly when he throws the ball. It is a fairly easy boss.



Path to boss 2

One person get on the golem while others get the gun. The golem can generate a shield to protect all of you along the way. The gun is used to provide charges to the golem. There are guns along the way for you to pick up. Note that the shield buff can stack while the charge buff cannot. The gorillas can do damage to you regardless the shield so you have to dodge them.


The golem: You should keep pressing “1” and dodge the gorillas.

The rest: You should target the golem and charge it whenever it does not have the charge buff You should also dodge the gorillas with the golem.

Communication is important. It is important to demonstrate how the golem dodges and how the charge/shield works before you run.

There will be a waypoint and a crystal sucking all the mobs at the end of the path.

Kill 3 more mobs and prepare to skip through a bunch of mobs. You can take off your gear before the skipping.

All you need is to keep running until you run down a cliff. It is not easy to people don’t know how to avoid Deadeye’s one-shot skill. To avoid it, when you see red-circle animation on your feet, you dodge. The red-circle animation is as same as the warrior’s “On my Mark!” shout.

Boss 2

There will be 3 inquests and a boss in this fight. The inquest will drop a gun when killed. The gun is used to deactivate the rage mode of the boss.

Path to boss 3

Nothing special.

Giganticus Lupicus

Same as every path.

Path to boss 4

Follow the torches in the swim. The mines are detonated after 1 sec you walk over it. If you have a memser/thief, the mobs can be skipped by stealthing. A new waypoint will be activated behind a group of 4 mobs after the minefield.

After activating the waypoint you should slip through the mobs.

Boss 4

When she teleports to the middle, you should hide behind the crates. You can also run very far away from her when all the crates are destryoed. You should also kills clones as fast as possible since they do tons of damage.

If you were dead, don’t respawn because the entrance would be blocked once the fight started.

Path to final boss

Kill 6-7 groups mobs until you can slip through. It is also funny to see the grubs hate the inquests as much as we do.

Final boss

First, you need one high dps to activate the console and get a buff so that he/she can do insane damage the boss. This member should have no problem to take out at least 75% of the boss hp. Once the buff on him/her ends, a second member should activate the console and damage the boss. The rest of the group should deal with the incoming mobs. It should be arranged before the fight.

Once the boss hit 50%, everyone should damage the boss, dodging the red circles. Also the entrance would be blocked once the fight started.

Path 1

Path to boss 1

Kill annoying oozes, turrets and spiders to clear some space for the boss fight.

Boss 1

It is melee unfriendly. You should keep at range and kite him. When it hit 20%, it will split into 2 champion oozes and drop a key. You should grab this key asap to Jotun and run back to the entrance so the oozes’ aggro can be reset.

Path to boss 2

Annoying oozes and drakes.

Boss 2

You have to kill 9 mobs under sunlight and you will get a damage stack. The more stack you have, the more damage to you, the more damage you do. You should get out of sunlight if you can’t take the damage anymore.

Path to boss 3

Nothing special. If there are mobs along the path, just skip them.

Boss 3

There are 4 water holes around the room. You need 1 member at each water holes to stand on it. Once 4 water holes is plugged, the boss will come out from the center.

You should apply burning condition to the boss all the time or you will suffer from endless stun. If your group have problem applying burning condition, you should use the whiskey.

Giganticus Lupicus

Same as every path.

Boss 4

This boss is skippable. Everyone will skip it unless you want to spend 20 more minutes in this life-consuming dungeon.

Path to final boss

You have to deal with 2 champion spiders and a bunch of silver spiders. Trapping skills are very useful here.

Final boss

Before the fight, everyone should find the reflecting crystals along the way. All you have to do is reflecting the boss damage.

Path 4

You rarely see people LFG/M for path 4 because many of them cannot kill the final boss, Simir. I strongly recommend not to run this path unless you want the title.

Although Simir is killable, but with years of gaming experience and even I was used to be the guy who studied tactics for top-rated raid guilds in WoW, I believed Simir has serious mechanical design flaws.

I think that’s the result of the lack of PTR, lack of QA testing and awareness from the designers.

Thanks for the long reading! Happy weekend.

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